Part Seven
March 2006

The world of the future, or the world to come, is a vital part of the Kingdom of God. All that originated with the Lord, including both the first world and the second world, and their literal heavens, as well as the spiritual Heavens that governed each of them, are all parts or components of the Kingdom of our Father! It will also help us to remember that there are three parts to each world order. There is (1) the literal earth, (2) the literal heavens or the firmament, and (3) the spiritual Heavens, for each of the three worlds. The Lord was and is the King over all in the two worlds that have existed so far! He will also be the King in a much greater way over all His creation in the more perfect world of the future. And that new, more perfect world will be the third world, or the world to come!

As King and sovereign Lord, He has ordered each of the worlds to be what He purposed for them, according to His sovereign, eternal plan! And we are called to be kings and priests with Christ, to rule and reign with Him in that next world, which is the world to come! That next world will be a more perfect world. It will be a world without the principles of judgment unto correction, with which our holy and righteous Father is reproving or admonishing this present, second world order! What joy will be ours when we are set free of the man of sin, the curse, and Father’s principles of judgment unto correction, in that wonderful, new world to come!

According to the doctrines and beliefs of some “Christians,” they expect the Lord to appear to them, rapture them away to heaven, and leave the rest of the world, and all mankind with it, to the devil, so “he” may do as “he” pleases with the “heathen” of this world, who were not among those who were called to be saved in this present world order. But I’ve got news for those who believe such false, Godless heresy! Our loving and merciful Father will not allow this world, and all the people in it, to be left to the unholy schemes of the evil one! The devil is a defeated foe! And “he” will be more soundly defeated, and will be universally acknowledged as a defeated foe, when the sons of God are fully manifested! When that grand and glorious event has taken place, the world and everyone in it will then be under the Dominion, the Kingship and the Lordship of Christ and His co-kings with Him! Christ will then be revealed as their Savior, their King and their Lord, from the least to the greatest of them. Our Father has already planned and purposed that the world of the future will not belong to the devil and “his” evil hordes, but it will all belong to the Lord, as it does now, even to Him Who is the great King and the sovereign Lord over all the universe! And the Lord whom we love and serve will not be deterred by the defeatist creeds, or the false doctrines, of the corrupted church system. But He will triumph over all, not only in this world, but more importantly in the world to come!

To show the universal nature of the reign of the Lord throughout history, we quote these scriptures for our added understanding. The psalmist said, “For the Lord Most High excites terror, awe, and dread; He is a great King over all the earth. For God is the King of all the earth; sing praises in a skillful psalm and with understanding. God reigns over the nations; God sits upon His holy throne.” (Ps. 47:2, 7-8 AMP). When we understand all that is included in the reign of Christ, as well as the power and the extent of that reign, we may then sing praises to Him “in a skillful psalm and with understanding!” The Kingdom of God is the greatest power anywhere, and that power will give us the just and righteous reign of Christ in the world to come, or in the new Earth, bringing Love, Life, Salvation, Peace, Justice, Grace and Mercy to all the universe, without any pain or suffering to be experienced by those who love Him! The world to come is a world worth “sacrificing” for! And it also is a world worth “Living” for!

You may remember Isaiah’s experience when he really SAW THE LORD, as his King and as the Lord of hosts, that he said this: “IN THE year that King Uzziah died, [in a vision] I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and the skirts of His train filled the [most holy part of the] temple. [John 12:41.] Above Him stood the seraphim; each had six wings: with two [each] covered his [own] face, and with two [each] covered his feet, and with two [each] flew. And one cried to another and said, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory! And the foundations of the thresholds shook at the voice of him who cried, and the house was filled with smoke. Then said I, Woe is me! For I am undone and ruined, because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for MY EYES HAVE SEEN THE KING, the Lord of hosts!” (Is. 6:1-5, AMP). When we truly see our KING, as Isaiah saw Him, we too will realize our undone and ruined condition, and will repent before the Lord. We will also realize, as Isaiah did, that the whole earth is full of His glory! This will especially be true experimentally in the new world to come!

It may also be an eye-opening revelation for us to see and understand that every one of us once were individuals of unclean lips and also that we dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips. The term, “man of unclean lips,” literally means any individual with defiled and polluted language. Jesus said, “Hear, and under-stand: Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man” (Mt. 15:10-11). A person is known by what comes out of his or her mouth, not by what goes into our mouths, such as food and drink. If our inner man has some portion within us that is defiled or polluted with sins and iniquities, it will sooner or later come out of our mouth! When Isaiah saw that he and all mankind with him were in the same undone, unclean and ruined condition, he repented before the Lord. But we are the people who shall bring forth righteousness, at the manifestation of the sons of God! And when that manifestation has taken place, the world and everyone in it will eventually be cleansed of the sins and iniquities of the man of sin that is within us all! And the manifestation of the sons of God is the one, great event that will accomplish that wonderful, holy purpose!

May we grow spiritually to really KNOW the Lord, as He should be known by His elect and chosen ones. When we do know Him, we will surely repent, as Isaiah did! He is, “the Saviour of all men, specially of those that believe” (1 Tim. 4:10), and He is “the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God” (1 Tim. 1:17). He also is, “the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords; Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see” (1 Tim. 6:15-16). He also is, “King of righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace; Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life” (Heb. 7:2-3). Christ is, first of all, King of Righteousness! Then, after He has reigned in Righteousness, He will reign as King of Peace, bringing true, Kingdom Peace to all the world! According to this scripture, real, true Kingdom Peace will come to the world AFTER Christ has reigned in Righteousness, or AFTER the man of sin is eliminated from all mankind!

And John, while in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day, saw this: “And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire: and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvellous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints. Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and glorify thy name? for thou only art holy: for all nations shall come and worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest” (Rev. 15:2-4). Here is a prophetic word picture of you and me standing before the Lord, with the “harps of God,” singing the “song of Moses” and “the song of the Lamb.” We prevailed to get the victory over the “beast,” which I believe to be the man of sin, or the sinful, Adamic mind and nature within us all. We are also victorious over the image of that Adamic “beast,” as well as his mark and over the number of his name, which I believe to be 666, indicating triune carnal man, or the three aspects of the sinful man, which is the man of the flesh! The number 666 is given to all those who are under the control of the man of sin in all three areas of their being, which is spirit, soul and body.

When we really know our Lord, our Savior, our Deliverer, our Redeemer and our King AS HE IS, we will then know Him as He is described in these few verses of scripture! He is all that and more! And when we really know Him as the great King that He is, and have joined with the heavenly hosts to sing the “song of Moses,” and the “song of the Lamb,” praising Him, giving all the glory to Him and acknowledging His holiness, then ALL NATIONS SHALL COME AND WORSHIP HIM! Never again will we need to GO TO THE NATIONS with the Gospel message, for in this new Day and the world to come, “all nations shall COME and worship before” the Lord! The old order of the church age is over! To go to the nations with the Gospel message is no longer present truth! God has moved on beyond church order to the new, greater and higher order of the Kingdom of God! In this new Day, we will not go to the nations, but THE NATIONS SHALL COME TO THE LORD, TO WORSHIP HIM IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH! The Spirit of the Lord will draw the nations unto Himself! And when He draws them by His Spirit, the nations and the multitudes among them will not be able to resist the mighty, drawing power of the Spirit of the Lord! They shall then come to Him with full and abundant joy, as they rejoice in the great Glory they shall behold, when they too shall see Him AS HE IS!

Our Lord Jesus Christ is also declared to be “the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world” (Jo. 1:29). The “beast” of Rev. 17:11, which we believe is the carnal, Adamic man of the flesh, “shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for HE IS LORD OF LORDS, AND KING OF KINGS: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful” (Rev. 17:14). This “beast” has been making war with the Lord ever since Adam and Eve partook of the forbidden fruit! But “he” is at “his” worst at this time of the end of this second world order! Yet, our loving and merciful Father has a plan to defeat that “beast” and remove “him” from the world. It is His plan and purpose to defeat this “beast” through Christ, the first and original Son of God, and all His brother sons with Him, at the glorious manifestation of the sons of God.

Christ is not only the Lamb of God, but He also is the Lord of lords and the King of kings, with the power and the authority from the Father to defeat every enemy, including the great “beast,” which is our fallen, sinful, Adamic condition! The elect of the Lord are those who are with Him in that warfare, and they/we are all “CALLED, AND CHOSEN, AND FAITHFUL!” We are indeed called of our Father to unseat this “beast!” We are also chosen by our Father to fulfill that same purpose and also to reign with Him! And we are made faithful by our Father to accomplish those wonderful Kingdom purposes, by His omnipotent power!

All that Father has done with us assures the complete and total victory over that great “beast,” which has troubled mankind all during the two worlds that have existed so far, especially during this present, second world order, which is a world of judgment unto correction! That same “beast,” which is the Adamic mind and nature within us all, is responsible for Adam and Eve’s eviction from the Garden of Eden. But in the world to come, all mankind will eventually be free of the sinful, Adamic nature and mind, which will release them and allow them all to come to Christ and His glorious Kingdom of Love! And, being called, and chosen, and faithful,” we are also fully qualified to reign with Him!

The New Earth and Those Who Shall Inherit It
The psalmist gave us some wise instructions, telling us how we may become righteous. I am sure you know these verses well: “FRET NOT yourself because of evildoers, neither be envious against those who work unrighteousness (that which is not upright or in right standing with God). For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb. Trust (lean on, rely on, and be confident) in the Lord and do good; so shall you dwell in the land and feed surely on His faithfulness, and truly you shall be fed. Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord [roll and repose each care of your load on Him]; trust (lean on, rely on, and be confident) also in Him and He will bring it to pass. And He will make your uprightness and right standing with God go forth as the light, and your justice and right as [the shining sun of] the noonday” (Ps. 37:1-6, AMP). Although these scriptures are quite common, may the spirit and the truth they convey establish His righteousness within us and bring us more and more into His glorious image and heavenly likeness!
Then, in the next few verses, the psalmist tells us what else we shall receive or inherit when we are transformed into His image and likeness: “Be still and rest in the Lord; wait for Him and patiently lean yourself upon Him; fret not yourself because of him who prospers in his way, because of the man who brings wicked devices to pass. Cease from anger and forsake wrath; fret not yourself--it tends only to evildoing. For evildoers shall be cut off, but those who wait and hope and look for the Lord [in the end] shall inherit the earth. [Isa 57:13 c.] For yet a little while, and the evildoers (or the carnal nature) will be no more; though you look with care where they used to be (within us), they will not be found (there). [Heb 10:36,37; Rev 21:7,8.] But the meek [in the end] shall inherit the earth and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. [Ps 37:29; Matt 5:5.]” (Ps. 37:7-11, AMP).

Everything we are told to do here, such as be still and rest in the Lord; wait for Him, patiently lean upon Him, fret not because of evil doers, cease from anger and forsake wrath, are all the things the soulish, carnal, Adamic nature within us wants to do constantly. If it were not for the sinful, Adamic “man” within us all, we could patiently wait for the Lord; we could also wait for His appearing with patience, lean upon Him and cease from anger and wrath. It is the carnal, soulish man within us that always wants to be active; it is the carnal man that has no patience; it is the carnal man that gets angry and manifests wrath; it is the carnal man that frets and stews and struggles against the inequities and uncertainties of life; it is the carnal man that loses patience and wants to be active in the work of the Lord; and it is the carnal man that loses patience waiting for the Lord and for His appearing. It also is the soulish, carnal man that seeks to find some cheap, momentary, carnal contentment, that neither satisfies nor fulfills the inner longing of the true, spiritual “Man” within. It is that inner Man of the Spirit, or the spiritual “Man,” which we all are, even the “Man” that God has been preparing for many years, which shall come forth in the wonderful image and heavenly likeness of Christ!

Some have lost patience and can no longer wait for the Lord and for His glorious appearing to transform them. They found temporary satisfaction in some false doctrine, or in a false experience, which only gratifies the soulish “man” within them. They started out on the road to manifest sonship and walked faithfully and obediently for many years, always trusting, believing and expecting to make it to the end. But the man of sin within them overruled the spiritual man, leading them down the common and broad path of the soul, where the true righteousness of Christ and the fullness of His Life will never be found! They are like Esau, who “sold his own birthright for a single meal. [Gen 25:29-34.]” (Heb. 12:16, AMP). But the brief, momentary and temporary satisfaction they may experience now will only lead to great sorrow, when they realize what they have done and all they have lost! Yet, despite all this, they remain in the hands of the Lord.

The psalmist continued, by saying, “For such as are blessed of God shall [in the end] inherit the earth, but they that are cursed (or, lightly esteemed) of Him shall be cut off. [Isa 57:13 c.] The steps of a [good] man are directed and established by the Lord when He delights in his way [and He busies Himself with his every step]. Though he falls, he shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord grasps his hand in support and upholds him” (Ps. 37:22-24, AMP). It is good for us to know the end from the beginning! The tests and trials of the present will only prepare us for the end of our spiritual journey, which is, “For such as are blessed of God shall [in the end] inherit the earth.” No matter how badly we may feel at times, we know we are the blessed of the Lord and shall inherit the earth. It is not the present earth we will inherit, but the new Earth, wherein dwells the Righteousness of Christ. What a change that will bring to this tired and worn out old earth!

We also know that our loving and merciful Father is directing and establishing the steps of the good man that we are, by His grace, causing Him to delight in the way we are walking and in the path we are taking. Verse 23 says, “The steps of a [good] man are directed and established by the Lord when He delights in his way [and He busies Himself with his every step].” The term, “a good man,” literally means a valiant man or a warrior, and also includes any person. We certainly are valiant, spiritual “men” and mighty warriors in the Kingdom of our Father! We are also made to be “a good man,” by our Father, Who delights in our spiritual walk and in the spiritual path we have taken through this present, second world order. The Lord has directed and established each step we have taken. He also delights in the way we have taken, for He is the One who is busily occupying Himself with our every step! When we have reached our goal, by His grace and by the leading of His Spirit, we will not be able to boast about anything, except the faithfulness of our Father in leading us as He did!

“GOD BE merciful and gracious to us and bless us and cause His face to shine upon us and among us--Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!-- That Your way may be known upon earth, Your saving power (Your deliverances and Your salvation) among all nations. Let the peoples praise You [turn away from their idols] and give thanks to You, O God; let all the peoples praise and give thanks to You. O let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for You will judge the peoples fairly and guide, lead, or drive the nations upon earth. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]! Let the peoples praise You [turn away from their idols] and give thanks to You, O God; let all the peoples praise and give thanks to You! The earth has yielded its harvest [in evidence of God's approval]; God, even our own God, will bless us. God will bless us, and all the ends of the earth shall reverently fear Him” (Ps. 67, AMP).

This is a psalm that we believe tells of the manifestation of the sons of God. The psalmist had said earlier, “Instead of Your fathers shall be Your sons, whom You will make princes in all the land” (Ps. 45:16, AMP). The word “princes,” means a head person, such as a captain or a chief among men. It refers to those sons of God who shall rule and reign with Christ. This verse tells us that it was not God’s plan to take that earlier generation and make of them manifest sons of God, who would become kings to reign with Christ in the Kingdom of God. Rather, our Father has chosen us! We are the chosen sons of God! We are the generation Father has chosen, and we are the people He shall make to be “Princes,” or kings in His Kingdom! The Lord will cause“His face to shine upon us,” so that when we see Him AS HE IS, we shall then be like Him! Why has our Father planned and purposed to reveal Himself in and through His elect, changing them into His image and likeness? “That (His) way may be known upon earth, (His) saving power, (His) deliverances and (His) salvation among all nations.” It is not for us alone that God will manifest Himself to us and through us, but it is for the nations that He will transform us into His glorious image and heavenly likeness, that they all might know Him in all the earth, as well as His so-great salvation!

And then, after we have been changed into His image and likeness, we may proclaim, with great joy and victory, “THE EARTH has yielded its harvest [in evidence of God's approval]; God, even our own God, will bless us. God will bless us, and all the ends of THE EARTH shall reverently fear Him.” We are the “harvest” the earth shall yield after the six, long age-days of the curse and its effects in the earth! And the manifestation of the sons of God shall indeed be the “evidence of God's approval” upon the people He has chosen for Himself! And when our Father blesses us with the grand and glorious manifestation of the sons of God “all the ends of the earth shall reverently fear Him.” The result of our Father showing forth His grace in and through His elect will be the call of the Spirit, saying to all: “let all the peoples praise and give thanks to You. O let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for You will judge the peoples fairly and guide, lead, or drive the nations upon earth. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]! Let the peoples praise You [turn away from their idols] and give thanks to You, O God; let all the peoples praise and give thanks to You!” All this shall take place at the manifestation of the sons of God! Is there not a stirring in your heart and in your spirit urging you to seek the Lord that He would cause His face to shine upon His elect, pour out His Spirit upon us all and cause that manifestation to take place soon? Let it be, O Lord, let it be!

During this present Day of the Lord, we have this promise from our loving and merciful Father: “When the proper time has come [for executing My judgments], I will judge uprightly [says the Lord]. When the earth totters, and all the inhabitants of it, it is I Who will poise and keep steady its pillars. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]” (Ps. 75:2-3, AMP). In all that our Father is doing in the earth, we have the assurance that He will poise and keep steady this earth and its pillars, which are the earth’s spiritual, supporting columns or platforms. We also have this promise: “God is my King of old, working salvation in the midst of the earth.” (Ps. 74:12, AMP). No matter how terrible it may look in this world, our Father is always, continually and consistently “working salvation in the midst of the earth.” Another psalm also confirms this truth: “Thou didst cause judgment to be heard from heaven; the earth feared, and was still, When God arose to judgment, to save all the meek of the earth. Selah” (Ps. 76:8-9). Therefore, it is not God’s plan to destroy all the sinners among mankind in this world because of their sins, as the church system would have us believe, but to correct them and save them all, by His unlimited Love, His over-whelming grace and super-abounding mercy!

Again, the psalmist said, “Arise, O God, judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations” (Ps. 82:8). The Lord’s inheritance, and ours as well, are the nations of this world! It is not God’s plan to destroy the sinners among them, but to correct them and save them, for all the nations of the world are His inheritance! Also, there are those in the world today, specifically “pastors” in the church system now, “Who said, Let us take to ourselves the houses of God in possession.” But we know our merciful Father will judge and correct them: “O my God, make them like a wheel; as the stubble before the wind. As the fire burneth a wood, and as the flame setteth the mountains on fire; So persecute them with thy tempest, and make them afraid with thy storm. Fill their faces with shame; that they may seek thy name, O LORD. Let them be confounded and troubled for ever; yea, let them be put to shame, and perish: That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth” (see Ps. 83:12-18).

Those who have taken to themselves the houses of the Lord, and made them their possession, are destined to be judged of the Lord and corrected. God will persecute them with His tempest, make them afraid of His storms, and fill their faces with shame, that they may seek the Name of the Lord and be saved from their shame and rebellion against God. The man of sin within them shall indeed “perish,” and be brought to an end, even to a death, “That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth!” As a result of the Lord’s righteous judgments in all the earth, the man of sin will be destroyed, and those who yielded to “his” power will be judged, corrected and saved, that all may know that He indeed is the only Lord, the LORD Jehovah, Who rules over all, and Who will reign supreme in the new Earth, which is the wonderful new world to come!

Then, the psalmist gave us this most wonderful, prophetic Word of Truth: “O sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth. Sing unto the LORD, bless his name; shew forth his salvation from day to day. Declare his glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people. For the LORD is great, and greatly to be praised: he is to be feared above all gods. For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the LORD made the heavens” (Ps. 96:1-5). Isn’t it about time we sang A NEW SONG unto the Lord? Gone are the old days of church order, church programs, church ministry, church witnessing and church doctrines! This is a new Day! It is the great Kingdom Day when all the Lord’s plans and purposes for the Kingdom of God shall be fulfilled, as His Kingdom unfolds before us and comes to Earth. This is also the Day of the Lord! It is that specific time when God shall judge the earth in righteousness! And because He is the Judge of all, we know He will render just and righteous judgment for all mankind! As the loving and merciful Father of all, our King, our Lord and our Savior has promised to save all mankind (Is. 45:23, Rom. 14:11, 1 Cor. 15:22, 1 Tim. 2:4 & Phil. 2:10), and indeed He will!

And now, we have a new song to sing! It is the song of the triumph of the blessed Kingdom of our Father! It is the song of songs! It is the song of the Lord! It is the song of the Redeemed! It is the song of the overcomers! It is the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb! It is the song of victory over all the forces of evil! And it is the song of those who are coming forth in the glorious image and heavenly likeness of Christ, the Lord of Glory, Righteousness and Life! Therefore, we sing a new song unto the Lord! It is a song that pleases Him, for it exalts His great Name in the Heavens and ultimately before all the world! We sing a new song showing forth His salvation from day to day! We sing a new song declaring His Glory among the heathen, and His wonders among the people! Our new song replaced the old songs of negativity, darkness and defeat, and of fear, apprehension and destruction! And our new song embraces all, sees the salvation of all, rejoices in such Truth and invites all to come into His Kingdom, to partake of the Love, the Life, the Righteousness and the Glory of our Father, Who truly is the great King, the merciful God and the loving Father of all! How blessed we are to know Him AS HE REALLY IS, Whom to know is Life eternal and abundant!

Here is another reason why we have a new song to sing: “THE LORD reigns, let the peoples tremble [with reverential fear]! He sits [enthroned] above the cherubim, let the earth quake! The Lord is great in Zion, and He is high above all the peoples. Let them confess and praise Your great name, awesome and reverence inspiring! It is holy, and holy is He! [Rev 15:4.]” (Ps. 99:1-3, AMP). This psalm celebrates the enthronement of the Lord our God, as the King of kings! He sits enthroned on the mercy seat, which is above or between the heavenly cherubim. He reigns in great power and victory as the conquering King, Who has brought forth a new, loving and merciful reign for all the universe! And because His reign is just and righteous, loving and merciful, all the people tremble with reverential fear, causing them all to confess and praise His great Name. Christ, the holy and righteous King, sits enthroned upon the mercy seat, showing His mercy to all. And all His co-kings are there reigning with Him, arrayed in fine linen white and clean, which is the righteousness of the saints. They are prepared to both reign and do battle with Him, whose Name is KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS (see Rev. 19:5-16).

Here is a psalm of one who was afflicted and who was suffering as many of us are now: “My days are like an evening shadow that stretches out and declines [with the sun]; and I am withered like grass. But You, O Lord, are enthroned forever; and the fame of Your name endures to all generations. You will arise and have mercy and loving-kindness for Zion, for it is time to have pity and compassion for her; yes, the set time has come [the moment designated]. [Ps 12:5; 119:126.] For Your servants take [melancholy] pleasure in the stones [of her ruins] and show pity for her dust. So the nations shall fear and worshipfully revere the name of the Lord, and all the kings of the earth Your glory. [Ps 96:9.] When the Lord builds up Zion, He will appear in His glory; He will regard the plea of the destitute and will not despise their prayer. Let this be recorded for THE GENERATION YET UNBORN, THAT A PEOPLE YET TO BE CREATED shall praise the Lord” (Ps. 102:11-18, AMP).

Among all the many uncertainties of this “life,” we do know that the Lord our God is enthroned forever, and that the fame of His great Name endures to all generations! We would like to believe “it is time to have pity and compassion for her (Zion); yes, the set time has come [the moment designated],” but only the Lord knows that! So, we will WAIT FOR HIM, knowing that “when the Lord builds up Zion, He will appear in His glory.” This is all we may know now, but this knowledge is sufficient! If Father wants us to know any more than this, He is well able to speak to us and give us more truth and further instructions. We also know that when the time has come to favor Zion, to have compassion on us and deliver us, and when the set time has come, or when the moment designated has arrived, the Lord will build up Zion; He will appear in His glory to change us into that same, glorious image and heavenly likeness! This wonderful, life-changing promise has been recorded for the generation that was yet unborn, and for the people who were yet to be created! We are that generation; we are the people who were created by our Father to receive His great Glory and that Life abundant, which He has promised!

Some “Christians” think they need to pray, telling their Father what they need and how badly they need it. But more mature believers KNOW WITH FULL ASSURANCE, that their Father in Heaven knows all about their condition. He is mindful of every need we may have, for our Father is not lacking in prophetic vision or foresight. He knows what we have need of long before we know it or experience it! Thus, the psalmist wrote: “For He looked down from the height of His sanctuary, from heaven did the Lord behold the earth, To hear the sighing and groaning of the prisoner, to loose those who are appointed to death” (Ps. 102:19-20, AMP).

Let there be no doubt in our minds whatsoever! Our loving and merciful Father knows all about our condition! He is looking down from the height of His sanctuary, and from the majestic Heaven of His Spirit to behold the earth and all her needy, sighing, groaning and burdened prisoners. And when the Lord beholds something, I am certain also that He knows, understands and is aware of our most urgent needs. Indeed, when our Father sees a thing, He also fully understands it and knows all about it! Since Father fully sees and understands what is happening to us, it is also reasonable to believe that He planned all our earthly experiences for us from the beginning, including what we might think is good or bad! And since He planned it all from the beginning, we might wonder if our prayers for our deliverance are really necessary. Since our Father knows the end from the beginning and has planned all this for our spiritual growth, why do we pray asking to be delivered of our burdens and afflictions? It is my opinion that our prayers should not be for deliverance alone, but should rather be expressions of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. To thank and praise the Lord in the midst of our troubles and problems is surely the real faith; it is the Living Faith of the Son of God; it is the sacrifice of praise, which He desires (Jer. 33:11, Heb. 13:15)!

Rather than always asking the Lord for something, we might be wise in praising Him in advance for our deliverance and victory, which we may desperately need. In all that our Father is doing with us and with this world, He is doing it that He might “loose those who are appointed to death.” All of us are appointed to death! We are all dying Adam’s death that we might Live the fullness of the Life of Christ! Thus, this promise is ours and all mankind’s as well: “For as in Adam ALL die, even so in Christ shall ALL be made alive” (1 Cor. 15:22). The time is coming soon when the Lord will favor Zion! Then, He will appear in His great Glory and Life to transform us! He will loose those who are appointed to death! And He will also make us alive in Christ, for we are “they that are Christ's at his coming” (1 Cor. 15:23).

Now, notice what the psalmist said next: “At the beginning You existed and laid the foundations of the earth; the heavens are the work of Your hands. They (the present earth and the heavens) shall perish, but You shall remain and endure; yes, all of them shall wear out and become old like a garment. Like clothing You shall change them, and they (the present earth and heavens) shall be changed and pass away. But You remain the same, and Your years shall have no end. [Heb 1:10-12.] The children of Your servants shall dwell safely and continue, and their descendants shall be established before You” (Ps. 102:25-28, AMP).

The thought presented here is that the crust or the surface of the earth, which is likened to a garment we might wear, shall be changed and made new. The crust, which is the solid outer layer of the Earth, shall be changed and replaced with a new crust, or a new outer layer. The Lord will give the present earth a new crust, which will cover the earth in the same way we would cover ourselves if we put on another coat to replace the one we are currently wearing. And when the Lord changes the earth, He will do it with the power and the simplicity of putting on another garment! “LIKE CLOTHING YOU (GOD) SHALL CHANGE THEM, AND THEY (the present earth and heavens) SHALL BE CHANGED AND (WILL) PASS AWAY.” Imagine the mighty and awesome power of the Lord, if you can! Then, you will know the mighty power that will change both the earth and the heavens, bringing forth a new creation!

Maybe another translation will help! The New International Version gives it this way: “In the beginning you laid the foundations of THE EARTH, AND THE HEAVENS are the work of your hands. They will perish, but you remain; they will all wear out like a garment. Like clothing you will change them and they will be discarded” (Ps. 102:25-26, NIV). This passage of scripture begins by informing us that God made both the earth and the heavens. Both are the work of His hands, and that is an indisputable TRUTH; it is an undeniable FACT of scripture! The next truth we are told is that both the earth and the heavens shall perish! But in the midst of all the shaking necessary to bring forth the new earth and the new heavens, God will remain, ever true, ever faithful, ever powerful and evermore to remain THE LORD AND THE KING OF ALL! Just as absolute as is the Truth that God created both the earth and the heavens, so also is it an absolute Truth that the earth and the heavens, which God created, are both PERISHING! They are both wearing out like an old garment! Continuing with the parallel thought of the earth and the heavens likened to a garment; also like a garment, or the clothing we wear, GOD SHALL CHANGE THEM BOTH, so that the old earth and the old heavens shall perish and pass away, TO BE MADE NEW! God shall change them both by His mighty and awesome spiritual power, thus bringing forth “A NEW HEAVEN AND A NEW EARTH: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea” (Rev. 21:1).

There are three other scriptures, which reveal the same Truth! They are Is. 65:17, 66:22 and 2 Peter 3:13, as well as the one in Revelation, which we quoted above. We may have to put away the old, sinful, carnal mind to grasp these great truths, but whatever it takes, our Father will cause His elect to grow spiritually until we all arrive at that mature state in Christ, which is that place in Him where we will believe all His revealed Word of Truth! If we all had the fullness of the mind of Christ, we would receive and understand these great Truths, and many more that are yet to come forth!

As if to challenge our faith and our vision, Peter said this: “NEVERTHELESS WE, according to his promise, LOOK FOR NEW HEAVENS AND A NEW EARTH, wherein dwelleth righteousness. Wherefore, beloved, SEEING THAT YE LOOK FOR SUCH THINGS, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless” (2 Peter 3:13-14). What are YOU looking for? When Peter said “WE,” he was referring to the “elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father” (1 Peter 1:2). If you are one of His elect according to the foreknowledge of the Father, YOU ARE earnestly and diligently LOOKING FOR THOSE NEW HEAVENS AND THAT NEW EARTH, WHEREIN DWELLETH RIGHTEOUSNESS! AMEN!


Paul and Emily Mueller
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